Join Ohio Memory

All cultural heritage repositories that hold and make publicly available materials related to Ohio history are invited to submit collections for inclusion into Ohio Memory. By joining Ohio Memory, you can share your community’s history and contribute to Ohio’s remarkable story.

Why should your institution join Ohio Memory?

  • Ohio Memory highlights your collections. Your institution will have its own uniquely-branded collection page, including information about your organization, images and contact information. Patrons can search within your collections or across all Ohio Memory collections with the site’s flexible search interface, which includes full-text searching for printed materials.
  • Ohio Memory is easy to use. Ohio Memory uses OCLC’s CONTENTdmĀ© software, which makes it easy to describe and access digital images. Your organization will receive support from the Digital Services staff of the Ohio History Connection to help plan your project, upload images, manage software updates and more.
  • Ohio Memory is affordable. Digitization can be a costly endeavor, but with Ohio Memory, your digitization projects will come to life at a price you can afford. Ohio Memory subscription pricing is scaled to meet your organization’s budget. Subscriptions include a collection in Ohio Memory, digitization training and online storage.
  • Ohio Memory is interactive. With Ohio Memory’s high-resolution images, patrons can zoom in to discover all the details of a digital image. They can learn more through our additional interactive resources.
  • Ohio Memory is community-focused. Digitizing your collections with Ohio Memory helps preserve and provide access to your original materials. Images can easily be printed and shared via social media and a persistent URL is provided for citing each digital image and its collection.

Additional Membership Benefits

As part of your Ohio Memory subscription, you will have access to:

  • Dynamic, on-demand analytics reports
  • Discounted digitization services
  • Consultation services
  • In-person and virtual training by industry experts
  • Transcription tool
  • Scanner loan program
  • Interactive educational resources featuring your content
  • Promotional materials

Contact Information

For more information, contact Ohio Memory staff at [email protected].