Share Your Story

The Ohio History Connection is always striving to preserve the stories of Ohio and Ohioans and we would love to hear your story. If you have an Ohio story you’d like to share please contact us at [email protected].

What to Expect

We at the Ohio History Connection know that sharing your story can be a difficult task. We strive to make it as simple and straight-forward as possible. After contacting us we will reach out to talk over the process and answer all of your questions, but here is a short summary of the process.

  • An Ohio History Connection oral history specialist will reach out to talk more about your story, get some basic information, discuss the process and your rights as an interviewee, and answer any questions you may have.
  • If you wish to proceed we will schedule a time for you to come in and share your story. Typically stories are recorded at the Ohio History Center in Columbus, Ohio. Special arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis if coming to Columbus is not possible.
  • On the day of your interview the interviewer will meet you, go back over the process and your rights, and answer any final questions. You may bring a friend or relative to your interview for help or support.
  • The interview will be conducted in our studio which looks similar to a television studio. The interviewer is there to help guide you through your story, but you may tell it in any way that you want.
  • That’s it!

What will Happen to my Story

After the interview our oral history coordinator will prepare your story by editing out any pauses, breaks, or section you want taken out. In whole we try to edit out as little as possible to retain the story just as you shared it with us. You will be sent a link so that you may share or download a copy of your story to keep. Your story will become part of the permanent collections of the Ohio History Connection. It will be available through the oral history website and through Ohio Memory, a collaborative statewide digital library program of the Ohio History Connection and the State Library of Ohio with digital content from over 390 cultural heritage institutionsrepresentingall 88 of Ohio’s counties.

How will my Story be Used

Your story will be available to family, historians, genealogists, and researchers now and into the distant future. Not only that but oral histories are a regular part of exhibits and programs at our museum and other museums nationwide. There are many possibilities but the Ohio History Connection will make sure that however you story is shared it will do so with the dignity that it deserves.

What if I Already have an Oral History

Do you have an existing oral history from a family member or friend and you are looking for a forever home for this treasured story? Contact us at [email protected] to see if we can make it part of of the permanent collection at the Ohio History Connection.