Oral History

Connecting Ohioans, One Story at a Time

Oral history is unparalleled in its ability to connect. An individual describing his or her own experiences is a primary source in its purest form, and using digital technology we can share those stories for generations to come. Not only does oral history preserve the past, it helps us connect with history that’s happening now by working with communities to document their lives as they unfold around us.

The Ohio History Connection is dedicated to preserving the memories of Ohioans from all walks of life. This repository provides access to our collections of video, audio and interactive oral histories and will continue to grow as we continue collecting interviews across the state. Whether you are an academic historian, a family history researcher or military buff, this repository will help you learn more about the individuals that make up the Ohio experience.

Featured Collections

Ohio Veterans Oral History Project – This collection represents an ongoing effort to document service experiences in the modern era.  The collection includes service members from all branches from WWII to modern conflicts.  All Ohio veterans are encouraged to participate.

Standing Together: Ohio Veterans and the War on Terror —  This project was conducted in 2015 and includes members of the United States Army, Air Force and Marines serving in full-time and reservist capacities.

In Their Own Words – Conducted in 2010, these interviews document the stories of service from members of the Ohio National Guard, with a focus on deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Special Collecting Initiative – Ohio Veterans Oral History Project

We are currently interviewing Ohio veterans from all branches of service. This initiative is to preserve the memories of past conflicts and also to document the experience of Ohioans serving in modern conflicts like Iraq, Afghanistan and the Global War on Terror. In addition to expanding our own collections, these interviews are part of our support for the new National Veterans Memorial & Museum. If you have served in the United States Armed Forces and would like to share your story, please contact us to register for an interview.

General Collections

In addition to our Special Collection Initiatives, we are always interested in documenting the many facets of the Ohio experience. If you have a unique story, please contact our team to register for an interview.

Oral History Resources

In addition to our own collecting efforts, we are committed to helping other historians in the practice of oral history. If you are an organization or an oral historian and would like to find out how we can help make your next project a reality, please contact us at oralhistory@ohiohistory.org with a quick synopsis of your project.