Ohio Memory Madness!

YMCA basketball game in Akron, from the Ohio Guide Collection via Ohio Memory
YMCA basketball game in Akron, from the Ohio Guide Collection via Ohio Memory

In the spirit and fun of college basketball’s March Madness, the Ohio Historical Society invites you to participate in the first annual Ohio Memory Madness — a bracket of sixty-four historical Ohio figures, including astronauts, athletes, presidents, and more, all competing for the unique distinction of being named the 2013 Ohio Memory Madness Champion! What could be more exciting than that!?

The bracket features images of historical figures pulled directly from Ohio Memory–scroll over the image to view a description and brief biography of the historical figure, or click on the image to visit the Ohio Memory image page with even more information!

Who would you vote for?
Who would you vote for?

Since our figures are unable to play basketball (unfortunate, since imagining a game of H-O-R-S-E between Florence and Warren G. Harding had the staff asking quite a few “what-ifs…”) the winner of this unique bracket will be determined by you — the voter! Visit https://ohiomemory.ohiohistory.org/madness/and cast your votes for each round and, ultimately, the winner of Ohio Memory Madness!

The tournament voting will open as follows:

Round one: open voting 3/19 — 3/21 @5pm
Round two: open voting 3/22 — 3/25 @5pm
Round three: open voting 3/26 — 3/28 @5pm
Quarters: open voting 3/29 — 4/1 @5pm
Semis: open voting 4/2 — 4/4 @5pm
Finals: open voting 4/5 — 4/8 @5pm

Round Two has now begun, so check it out to make your vote count! Voting for each round will close at 5pm on the day before the next round of play. Have any questions? Send an email to [email protected]. Happy voting!

Thanks to Jamie Glavic, Strategic Projects Coordinator at OHS, for this week’s blog post!

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