Black History Month

This is one of two photographs taken in April 1919 show the 372nd Infantry Regiment of the 93rd Infantry Division marching on High Street in Columbus. The regiment was Ohio’s African American unit in World War I. Along with the 369th, 370th, and 371st regiments, the 372nd was attached to the 157th Division of the French army. The regiment was composed of African American troops from Ohio, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maryland. It departed on March 30, 1918 from Newport News, Virginia aboard the U.S.S. Susquehanna, arriving at St. Nazaire, France on April 13, 1918. All of the regiment’s time overseas was spent in France. The 372nd departed aboard the Leviathan on February 3, 1919, arriving at Hoboken, New Jersey on February 11, 1919.

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Thank you to Carla Zikursh, Ohio History Service Tech Corps member (2010-2011) at theOhio History Connection, for this week’s post!

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